The Estonian Championships were held today at Kuutsemägi. The weather was nice and the park was freshly shaped. It was a perfect riding day!

There were only 3 competitors in the girls class and 2 in the womens class, so to find out who would be the Estonian Champion in womens slopestyle, the girls had to compete with the women. Suprisingly, only we, girls, reached the finals, securing our places with some nice 36s. I'm happy to say, that I managed to do all the tricks the way I planned to and that I won the gold medal! So, not only am I the best girl snowboarder in Estonia, but also the best woman!

In my opinion, all the riders were pretty equal, it's just that today was my day!

But now were going off celebrating and although I was the only member of Chickapow to compete today, I'm sure we'll see the others competing next year!



Anonymous said...

So there are only 5 female snowboarders in estonia ? Congrats.

Ülle-Linda said...

Nooo there are more-about 10 riding the park:D, but everybody don't want to compete and for example I couldnt due to financial difficulties:D:D:D

Mirjam, sa oled lihtsalt haiglaselt tubli!

Anonymous said...

36 is the ceiling between the girls in Estonia ?

mirjam-kim said...

Sadly, it is now, but we won't leave it that way!