Back on track!

Over what seems like a hundred years, I finally went riding again. It felt a little awkward at first, because I really had'nt snowboarded at all for about 3 weeks, but pretty soon I was in charge of my board once again.

Today I went riding at Nõmme Lumepark, which is pretty far away from my home, so I don't visit it too often. The park is one of the best in Tallinn, but since just a week ago it was like +3 degrees outside and now the temperatures suddenly dropped to -25 degrees, all the landings were super-duper-icy. Because of that, I really didn't feel like trying anything new, but I practiced some old tricks that I had almost forgotten and it was a nice evening.

There is also a photoshoot competition going on in Nõmme Lumepark. Basically, you just have to be there every Wednesday for a photoshoot and when the competition ends, they pick one of the guys, who showed up every time and give him a prize. Meanwhile, the photos that are taken every Wednesday are loaded up on Nõmme Lumepark's facebook page and the picture, that gets the most likes every week, will get a small treat. :)
My picture is already up, so if you want a chicka to win, you know what to do ;)

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